Personality quiz – tell us who you are and get a Bourjois makeup recommendation!

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Asking proper questions is the key to knowing your customers!

Bourjois knows best and decided to interact with their fans on Facebook in a way they would be more than happy to answer to. The brand picked Post Sticker Quiz and asked a series of personality-related questions. The smart part of the interaction was not just the fact that the interaction took place only in Facebook News Feed, so users wouldn’t have to switch to any third party applications, but also the fact that in the end participants were delivered a nice personality description based on their given answers.

In addition, the copywriting was catchy enough to make users click-through to Bourjois offer, tailor-made for all groups of users. Once again, Post Sticker Smart Apps surprised users enough to ask questions whether the Quiz knows them so well?! Yay!

Should you need any assistance or would like us to give you a hand at picking and designing your branded game just drop us a line. We’re ready to help!

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