Personality quizzes FTW! Wizzair calls in all types of travellers…


It wasn’t the first time we had pleasure to work with an airline company, but this time we have managed to create something truly exceptional; Wizzair went viral! How did it happen?

Well, the whole story starts whenever our clients ask us about our app scenarios recommendations. We’re usually like “there’s plenty to choose from but the personality quizzes really rock!” They’re funny, engaging and they literally suck people in. But Wizzair wanted more than that, they wanted to get shared. Now, the hard part starts when people take part in a contest or simply get engaged within the app, they don’t usually click on the Like button or Share. They simply don’t leave the post with the interactive app.

We have managed to come around that. Wizzair invited people to take part in their interactive post where by answering a series of nice and easy questions they could check what type of traveller they are; a planner, social capital seeker or maybe an authentic experiencer?! In the end apart from the result, catchy description and recommended Wizzair destinations, the app allowed for sharing the result on users’ personal timelines! Here comes the best part; when shared, the publication icon of the interactive post got personalised with the given traveller result and user’s friends could take part in the quiz also on their timelines!

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