Photojournalism is a tough job, BZW BK appreciates and rewards the best works!

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If you associate banks only with dry numbers and commercials with famous actors, you probably don’t know Bank Zachodni WBK. Every year they organize a contest for talented photographers and reward them for their work. What is more, they arrange numerous vernissages across Poland – all of them include free entrance in aim to promote both modern art and gifted photographers.
For some reason, sometimes such cultural openings entice quite tight audience, so Bank Zachodni WBK decided to promote events through Fscebook News Feed. In every visited city, with the total of 15, attending vernissage gives you an opportunity to win a digital camera. Taking this into consideration, we had to create an app focusing on an event and art of photography, aiming to gather properly targeted people. The Smart App included a countdown – a separate one for every event, a gallery of rewarded photos with an option of sharing them, a video coverage from the gala and the info about the prize.

After choosing the approaching place and date of vernissage, the counter tells you how much time left to the event. The award? Yes, it will be there, but first, check the gallery of awarded photos! The campaign went under the slogan of ‘come closer’, so, come closer and have a look…


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