Pij Odpowiedzialnie spreads the word about responsible drinking


Probably most of adults enjoys an occasional drink here and there, but how much do we actually know about the process of drinking alcohol? For example: after how many minutes do you feel the first effects of alcohol kicking in?

These and many more questions can be answered in the quiz that we made for the Polish brand, Pij Odpowiedzialnie, which name translates to Drink Responsibly. They turned to us
to help them create a marketing campaign informing alcohol drinkers on its health hazard, behavior that intensifies its effects and also an alcohol-themed trivia. To be more appealing,
it was turned into a contest – the first 10 people to answer everything correctly the quickest could win some attractive prizes like JBL speakers, wireless headphones, smartwatches and powerbanks. The questions were not chosen randomly – the facts asked about in them were presented earlier on in the month on the Pij Odpowiedzialnie’s Facebook page.


At the end of the quiz, you get your results on a scale of 0-10, as well as a button leading
to the brand’s webpage, where you can use an alcohol calculator (that counts how much time you have to wait after drinking specific beverages to sober up) and states some little-known facts about drinking liquor.

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