Plant Trees by Making Wishes with Luminus and Post Sticker!


Most people love receiving wishes equally as much as giving them. We find joy in doing good
to others. The most intense time for spreading wishes, during which people post countless pictures, comes during Christmas holidays. Imagine if there was an alternative benefit
from greeting people, say – if for every wish you give, you could help the environment.

A producer of electricity on the Belgian market – Luminus – gives you the opportunity to do that. We have created an app, where you can customize and share your photos in the form
of a gift card. For each shared photo, Luminus will donate 10 cents to plant trees around Belgium. What a time to be alive! The app allows you to make your picture more special,
and strengthen the message you want to convey, by adding desired greetings or stickers.
Later you are given the possibility to download or share your greeting card, as well as sign up for the newsletter. Once that is done, you can track the donated amount. The app builds
an opinion of Luminus as an eco-friendly brand and allows the company to connect with their audience in the most genuine kind of way. Plus, they would have to pay more than 10 cents
for each sales lead, if they wanted to gather it in non-organic way. Yet another one win-win situation!


If you’re looking for a new way to advertise your brand on social media platforms, or want
to gather valuable data insights from your clients in a native, organic form hit us up at We deliver free mockups in 48 hours tops!

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