Play-Doh invites you to a classic puzzle game in order to launch Christmas give-away competition with Stick&Play Smart App! Let’s give it a try!


Play-Doh is a producer of dough – plastic mass invented mostly for children to explore their artistic talents. Since the main purpose of this product is to support kids’ manual skills and evoke their creativity, it was clear for our team that the Smart App has to be equally engaging.

Everyone has played puzzle, but have you tried it directly on Facebook’s News Feed? With our Smart App you can do so, and what’s even better – win inspiring prizes from Play-Doh after solving the puzzle! If these traditional puzzles seem too demanding, check out our sliding puzzles scheme here.

Flow_Play Doh

CLICK HERE to see how the app worked live on Facebook!

Our Creative Team has already made few game formats, not only for X-mas, but also for Easter.
Of course, if you have your own original idea, we are definitely on board! Innovative marketing ideas? That’s our specialty!

If you crave for that kind of interactive branded content, we will be happy to prepare a branded a free mock-up in less than 48h! Just hit us up at and remember, there are no bad ideas, just great cooperations to come!

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