PlayStation and players speak with one voice – and Sony knows how to prove it!


Does such thing as a type of personality in multiplayer games exist? Players around the world are one hundred percent sure that the answer is ‘yes’ and they seem to be right – complexity
of modern games requires serious decision making and using pretty sophisticated tactics.
Each task can be completed in few different ways and nobody cares how you do that while playing alone, but multiplayer mode is a whole different story.

PlayStation, caring about its image in gamers’ eyes, not only emphasized that they are aware
of these differences, but also launched the quiz assigning their fans to different gaming personalities. Rambo, Shield, Bulletproof Snail, Ninja, Grey Eminence – all of them have some unique features matching your private experience and character.


In PlayStation case, it’s also worth to draw attention to product placement that has been made. The Post Sticker Smart App contains nine pictures of different PS4 games. As the app is strongly targeted at players, lots of them could get interested and buy one of the featured titles. You want to know more about our Smart Apps? Don’t hesitate to ask us at

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