Polish Vodka Museum lets their most creative followers win t-shirts in a quiz challenge!


Poland is well known for many things – its picturesque landscapes, pierogis, beetroot soup, post-Soviet architecture, and of course, vodka. Not only is it a national heritage, but also a drink that has been served on Polish tables for centuries at grand celebrations and family reunions, therefore it’s a crucial element of the culture.

That’s why in June 2018, there will be a new museum opening up in Warsaw – Polish Vodka Museum, a place where you’re going to be able to learn the history of the beverage, how the shot glass evolved over time and educate yourself on how vodka is made. 

The Museum asked us to up their marketing game with a 10-question quiz, some of them educational. The most important part was answering an open question: “Do you agree that Polish Vodka is a natural heritage of Poles?”. 10 authors of the most creative entries were awarded with t-shirts with the brand’s logo.


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