Post Sticker and Snapstars at the service of Play, Tidal and Rihanna!


Recently, we had a great oportunity of cooperating with polish mobile operator, Play, and music stream service, Tidal. Snapstars took care of the contest mechanism, we’ve created the Smart App for Facebook!

The Rihanna’s gig was a great moment to promote the Play and Tidal cooperation. The contest scheme was quite interesting due to mixing platforms: It included tasks to be completed on Facebook, Snapchat and Tidal. The place where users could apply was Play’s Facebook Page, and, in consequence, peoples’ News Feeds, but, it was required to type in a special code from Play’s snapchat. In short – the Snapchat channel supplied ads, information and teasers, while Smart App in the Facebook post served as a contest machine. It’s been a really nice and considered promotion. Prizes were quite considerable too, 47 sets of tickets for Rihanna’s concert awaited for winners!

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