Post Sticker is driving people to 4F’s website, no hands!


4F is a Polish brand of sports clothing and accessories. Since 2008 it has been cooperating with the Polish Olympic Committee, preparing collections for the summer and winter games.
This year was no different with the limited collection designed for the Polish national team
at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

The brand used a custom Post Sticker app to entertain their followers as well as increase traffic on their website. The app consisted of a few simple questions that verified which winter sport suits you the most. At the end you were informed whether you’re a cross-country skier, a speed skater, a ski jumper, or an ice hockey player and were invited to see the Olympic collection from 4F. Ultimately the goal was to increase the conversions rates, that is the ratio of customers who have completed a transaction to the total number of website visitors. The Poles are surely interested in supporting their country in the Olympics and wearing official replicas of Olympic sportswear in the national colors is one way of doing that.


Website traffic should be taking a high place on any marketer’s priority list as it brings many beneficial results to their marketing efforts, such as improved SEO and search engine credibility. Post Sticker apps are a tool that help to drive people to desired websites.
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