Puzzle time. ASUS took the most of Facebook engagement and invited followers to uncover the hidden phrase with their Reactions!


Riddles, puzzles, word games – these can never go out of fashion! This time we have come up with a completely different way of engaging followers on Facebook while going live. We have created a Live App for ASUS called Reactions Puzzle.


The brand has been live with our new Live App format for 4 hours. In that time ASUS asked their followers to uncover the hidden phrase with their Reactions. Sound easy, but there were nearly 4000 puzzles to uncover. Followers hit their Reactions under the Live App and the app uncovered given parts of the puzzle. The first person who managed to guess the hidden phrase was awarded by the brand.


Views: 14,5k
Reactions: 660
Comments: 1,9k

Puzzle out a Live App for your brand and drop us a line at contact@liveapps.store today!


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