Ragnar or Rollo? Find your match in the latest Vikings III interaction in Facebook News Feed.


Are you a true Viking warrior? Hardly anybody today isn’t, since the new Vikings season has officially landed! We couldn’t have imagined a better implementation of our Post Sticker Smart Apps. So proud to be part of the interaction the History Channel has come up with.

We love those personality tests, our customers do too, including Vikings. We have created one, based on our default Quiz Smart App with a bit of twist, as usual. The whole interaction was based on the Vikings series knowledge. But, this time we started with a board presenting the rewards – Vikings need to know what they’re fighting for! Then, they were bombarded with a series of random questions related to the previous 2 seasons of the movie. OFC, they were not that easy! As an outcome of the given answers players could check who their Viking counterpart would be. The exact one, the one who knows as much about the times as they do! Imagine that.

Finally, true warriors were asked to answer an open-text question that could move them closer to being awarded for their persistence. Only the most creative ones were appropriately honoured. 

“Where’s the twist then?” you could ask. The final Smart App screen, apart from jumping to the Vikings landing page, allowed for sharing their score on their Facebook Timelines. In the good old way but when clicked by their Viking friend the Smart App presented the score and let anybody take part in the tournament! 
Viral it was!


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