Redd’s must be your favourite beer, look how much it fits your character!


Do you know what is an average beer consumption per capita in Poland? It accounts for almost 100 litres a year, so it’s highly profitable to convince beer amateurs to taste your product
at least once, as part of them could enjoy it and consider as one of their favourites. However, most beer enthusiast already have their own number one pick, so some marketing actions are needed to make them more willing to reach for something else.

That’s why Redd’s, a popular brand of flavoured beer, came up with an idea to launch
a personality quiz which matches types of characters with beer flavours. There are plenty
of fruity beers at every store, so why shouldn’t we choose the one that matches our personality? Redd’s doesn’t require anything more – one bottle is enough to convince anyone how tasty their beer is. What is more, some of the fans who answered the contest’s question could win Redd’s 4-packs and branded t-shirts.


The image of company providing entertainment for the customers and organizing engaging contests with cool awards allows the brand to benefit a lot when it comes to sales,
but an accessible form of interaction is needed first. We can make your followers encouraged to take part by making an app tailored to your needs and specifics. Just hit us up at and let us know what you need!

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