Refreshing promotion and chilled prizes – Zlatý Bažant shares out it’s new herbal radler!


Quality Czech beer manufacturer, Zlatý Bažant (Golden Pheasant), wanted to communicate their new product for the season – a radler beer with addition of herbs. The brand wanted to make sure that the audience will remember product’s key features using a quiz, and a smart app is a perfect tool for the job! App’s mood wandered around good connotations like love, beer, lemonade, herbs… and grandmas. That’s because they traditionally collected herbs. It must have resulted in making people feel a bit reminiscent for a moment…

The whole process of taking part in the contest would last only a few minutes tops. App based on Post Sticker’s quiz scenario with mail collection goal appeared to be quite non demanding from the user’s perspective. Three quiz questions, email address and a lavish supply of the beverage can be yours! Visitors had a chance to win a supply of a new herbal radler from Zlatý Bažant. sounds like spring? Good! Enjoy it!

Performing contests on Facebook News Feed with a simple email collection, is a very facile way of promotion – both for contestants and organizers. Plus, the contestant’s data is being gathered in one place so distributing prizes is not a problem.


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