RTV Euro AGD gathers information about bloggers’ choices on holiday electronics and allows users to vote for their favourites!


In the digital age, a list of smart electronic devices extends to infinity. Two years without following novelties can make you stunned when you get to know what is possible right now. However, a wealth of choices gives you a possibility to find something quite well matched
with your needs. Consumer electronics chains are aware of that, so they promote individual products less and less frequently – instead, they do their best to expose a variety of their assortments all at once.

That’s why RTV Euro AGD came up with an idea to involve popular bloggers in their holiday campaign. Their role was to make a list of devices that they find the most useful during holidays. Thanks to a Post Sticker Smart App, Facebook users could vote for one of four provided sets and then justify their choice. The most creative responder won whichever he chose device
from his or her favourite set!


Post Sticker Smart Apps are fully adjustable and the range of possibilities is infinite. No matter if you have your own idea on how to promote your brand efficiently or count on our opinion – don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at contact@poststicker.com.

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