Same engine, but completely different looks. Variety of Wolf and Eggs game makeovers

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It became almost a mantra now but everyday, all of us carefully walk potential clients through changing the look and adjusting each of our games to specific brand needs. We love it and we strongly believe our partners do as well; we have some reasons to say so. Let’s say it again: each game can be customised 100%, from graphics, through fonts, to the mechanics. And it’s all done through the creator we provide, no programming skills required at all.

The infamous Wolf and Eggs (Game and Witch counterpart) has gone recently through another great makeover. We’ve seen the game as a bartender collecting beer bottles, a grumpy uncle picking eggs, but have you seen Vifold?


Here is the thing! Vifon (Buzzmedia) took the game to another level, not only by creating a sleek and catchy visuals, where Vifold, the brand’s hero, catches instant soups in a Vifon flagship store, but by embedding the game outside Facebook.

Because the game is a Facebook post rendered in user’s News Feed, by grabbing the html code any marketer can embed it in wide-range media or a brand’s landing page. There’s more to Vifon. We were also asked to resize the game within the landing page and succeeded. It’s not a usual thing but we’re open to any interesting dedicated implementations.

If you want to read more about game embedding feature please refer to our tutorial here.

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