Samsung can be quite convincing, encouraging you to make your dishes even more special!


How to bake a cake with good waves? How to fit a party in the fridge? Good cook knows answers to lots of untypical questions hence eating means much more than nourishing. However, no cooking can be done without right equipment – and no good equipment
would be sold without catchy and smart advertisement.

Samsung turned to us asking for a Smart App which could boost the promotion of their household products. A quiz with open question at the end combined with some attractive prizes gave fantastic results in terms of fans’ engagement – they not only went to Google
in search for the right answers related to brand’s products, but also had to answer with their own words a question about Samsung equipment usage. Of course, every participant wants
to win, so looking for advantages and listing them is an obvious strategy – simultaneously,
the same person learns as much as it is possible about the equipment potential!


Unique products require unique marketing action. If you have some questions or want to hear more about the role of Post Sticker apps in the promotion of your brand, don’t hesitate to ask! Our team is here for you:

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