Say it with a song! Coca-Cola goes viral with Post Sticker smart apps

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So far we have just been its heavy drinkers but since a few weeks we have had a chance to work together, alongside to their partnered Next Agency (Starcom) team. Our Post Sticker smart apps have become a part of Coca-Cola campaign “Say it With a Song!”. What’s this all about?


Do you remember the Cola bottles with names? How cool was that?! Now there are various song lyrics, domestic as well, so whenever you share your Coke you share a song – like a message in a bottle reinvented. The question was, how to share it digitally? Music hasn’t evolved to an easy sharing ways yet, like tweets for text, instagram for photos, vines for videos or emoticons for messaging, however Cola has come up with this clever new format – the emotisong. The shortest possible shareable music format enabling conversations – with the key parts of the most popular songs around that everybody can use to express their emotions accordingly.

From a bottle, to Facebook that might have turned our to be quite a long way for a 15 sec. song to go viral so our task was to shorten the emotisong sharing flow. What we did was a dedicated smart app that acts as a visual emotisongs jukebox. From a variety of songs admins combine a few sharing the same motive, like weekend outside the city, house party, sport or chill to name a few, and post them via our Post Sticker smart app on Facebook. The smart app opens up directly in Facebook News Feed, no extra tabs or permission dialogue windows, just pure interaction.

The post can easily be promoted and shared by other users. Within the smart app itself, users can simply choose which of the song groups is is in their interest, pick a song and decide whether they want to share one of the chosen emotisongs and pass on a message to their friends, shuffle and pick a different one or simply play it on a Coke landing page. Interactive messaging accomplished!


In addition, the Coke smart apps work both on desktop and mobile, like any other one from our offer. The “Say it With a Song!” campaign has just started so we’ll see how it goes but so far we have been witnessing some really nice conversion results. Stay tuned!

We’re looking forward to hearing from you if you’re interested in talking to us and creating a smart app that is truly interactive and playable solely in Facebook News Feed.

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