Second personality test for Showroom. With even more style, ready to be shared!


Showroom, one of the leading polish collective online fashion houses, has reached out for a custom made Post Sticker’s, a second personality test. We told you it’s one of our favourites! The theme of the test circulated around different style types and general taste in fashion. And after answering questions about clothes, shoes and accessories a ’portrait’ of users‘ fashion preferences was created. Users’ styles were described as „ultrafeminine charm”, „boho chic”, a „100% basic”, or a „streetwear chick”, the results were supplemented with a brief and witty description for each.

The result screens included a click-through button to subtly encourage users to visit the company’s site. Accordingly to the result, an appropriate brand’s, or designer’s page was opened to facilitate the search of the items matching the users style. Post Sticker’s Smart Apps with a click through goal are very popular due to the engagement they trigger. With the click through rate circa 66%, they are a great tool for directing the News Feed crowd anywhere you want. It’s always good to communicate new offers, collections or promotions in a different way. With proper boosting, such apps can get some really significant reaches!


to see how the app worked live on Facebook!

If your Social Media department is oriented on developing new ways of promotions, consider giving Smart Apps a shot – Our creative team will prepare a free mock up for your brand, so you can see how it works on your own branded example! Don’t hesitate and send us a mock up request at

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