Sensodyne diagnoses and cures online thanks to Post Sticker Smart App!


Nothing hurts more than eating ice cream while having a problem with hypersensitive teeth. Lots of people suffer from that, but only a part of them decides to handle their ailment.
The question is, how to reach these indifferent ones?

Sensodyne, a healing toothpaste producer, asked us for creating a very short app that asks users about their teeth condition. Everybody who devoted fifteen seconds of his or her time got an opportunity to receive a special discount on Sensodyne products. Such approach
to customers, exposing care and generosity significantly improves brand’s image. What’s more, the app is a great lead collector – people, in aim to receive a discount, leave their e-mail addresses. Smart Apps gather and process them and provide clear output for our clients.


Post Sticker apps are easy to use, can be targeted and promoted as any other post and give SM marketers an opportunity to distinguish from other competitors. Want to them try out? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We can develop a free mockup for you within 24h. Our team is waiting for you here:

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