Share your opinion, protect your feet, and win prizez from Compeed!


Post Sticker’s Smart Apps allow brands to communicate with clients in way that’s convenient for both sides. When connecting with clients is desired – these are the tools you need.

Compeed, a foot care products manufacturer, intended to reach out for people’s opinions and organize an engaging contest. The custom Smart App we’ve developed for that purpose combined lead collecting features with contest. The product-rating section was composed with two elements: Open text for releasing any opinion clients might have, and a five-star ‘satisfaction indicator’. The stars were marked with a click. Also, the app was equipped with a function of adding photos if they were necessary for the opinion. Provided with nice prizes and a bit of boosting, such News Feed promotions can result in high reach and attention. This case was both useful for the company – valuable information was gathered, and for the fans – a chance of winning prizes while casually browsing Facebook is always appreciated!

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