Show us your Bond visage!


Fast cars, custom suits and ‘shaken, not stirred’ Martinis have made James Bond an icon of male style. But if you think about it, razors are probably quite important element too. Has anybody seen James Bond with beard? In case you’re wondering, yes, but it’s a very rare sight (Pierce Brosnan, “Die another day”, few scenes). Rumours say that in the next film, beardy Daniel Craig will be a thing. We can only guess that losing the beard will be quite important for the plot!

Post Sticker’s 007 app invited users to create a photo, branded with “Spectre” and Gilette details. The mechanism included options of choosing a picture to customize or taking it at the moment. It was also possible to see the gallery of photos and share own creations. Everything took place within a single post that appeared in fans’ newsfeed! This scheme could actually be used for any purpose and there are lots of opportunities for promotions using photo applications!


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