Sign in for the quiz-triptich and win presents from Kotex. You go girls!


Kotex, the leading Spanish producer of feminine products, reached out Post Sticker with a plan for a quiz-contest with three stages in three similar, but separate apps. That’s a perfect job for Smart Apps, such invincible contest machines they are!

After answering all questions users were provided with the number of correct answers they’ve given and the time in which they did – the faster the better! Competitors with best results would get through to the next level. And the next one after that, the third one being the final. Main goal, after making fans even more enthusiastic toward the brand, was lead collection. The App collected details such as name, telephone number, city and Email address. The campaign was tied with a hashtag of #notedetengas, that can be translated as “don’t you stop”. Well, we do not intend to, so let’s connect and make some great interactive Smart App promotions!

What may be interesting, this very app was developed from a mock up that Post Sticker team has proposed, with only some minor changes. For a mock up based on your idea, feel free to write at

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