SMS Audio Facebook contest idea – pick your award and do your best in the creative part

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A few moments before we finally launch the new reinvented Post Sticker service we would like to tease you with one of the smart app formats we are going to include in our coming offer – slideshow combined with a text-contest. Having said that the best way to present any interaction that the new Post Sticker service is going to contain is to provide you with a case study that will illustrate in details how the smart app format actually works.

We have recently implemented the mentioned app format for the SMS Audio brand, with slight alterations the flow was pretty simple and proved to be highly interactive to Facebook users. The smart app, functioning as a regular, but interactive Facebook post was presented and fired off in users’ News Feed. Highlighted with the big publication icon (640×350) the post was targeted at a desired target group. This was done simply due to the way Post Sticker smart apps work – they act the way all Facebook posts behave. Each post including the smart app can be shared, liked, commented and finally boosted.


Once clicked-to-play, users were presented with a selection of SMS Audio Star Wars products they could slideshow through. Every single one of them had their own button underneath the photo teaser allowing contestants to choose the headphones model they would like to be awarded with if they succeeded. Once they made their choice, users were presented with an open-text question they should answer to in the most creative way. Now this is the tricky part – depending on the choice people made they were asked an adequate contest question! By leaving their emails and agreeing to the terms and conditions of the contest users’ creative works were submitted and collected by the brand. After the contest has come to an end SMS Audio gave out the awards to the most creative contestants and these were the awards they have actually chosen by themselves.

As clever and complicated as it may have seemed it only took 48hrs to create the smart app, graphic design included! So if, you or the brand you’re taking care of, is looking for an innovative and outstanding way of engaging your fans on Facebook drop us a line! We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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