Social media can be a useful tool for a noble cause too… And Post Sticker is happy to participate! Join the R-AEDI quiz and get rewarded for your excellent knowledge of heart issues (and we do not mean the romantic ones)!


What would you do, if someone next to you would have a sudden heart attack? We usually don’t think about that on daily basis. Living quickly and dynamically often means unconsciously, especially when health issue is concerned. Unfortunately, world’s statistics speak for themselves. The number of people dying from heart attacks is increasing rapidly and then there’s a question appearing: how to make citizens aware of the risk?

Singapore is not only a global business centre, but also a leader when it comes to innovative solutions. They understand pretty well the power of social media in the modern world, so they’ve decided to get along with Post Sticker to launch an interactive awareness-raising campaign.

Two quizzes, both concerning the first aid and the idea of preventing the worst consequences of ignoring hearth problems – it doesn’t sound very alluring, does it? But it definitely starts to get interesting when encountered on the Facebook News Feed!
The only thing we need to do is to respond correctly to all questions on the Smart App screen. Then, voila! We learn more and get a chance to win a shopping voucher for our knowledge at the same time!


The example of R-AEDI shows that Post Sticker’s Apps may be used not only for commercial purposes but also for raising awareness of certain society problems. It turns out that our apps can be a nice tool for both retailers and public services.
If you want to find out more about our solutions and dashboard Smart Apps, like the two being discussed, just ask us at: We are ready to satisfy your needs!

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