Solve the test to find out which type of customer you are. One thing is certain, you’re SUPER!


Bank Pekao S.A. wanted to spread the word about their new offer in an interactive, fun way. The new Super-account is the corner stone of their communication, so they put emphasis
on the word, which shortly describes its key feature – it’s just super.

Personality test is one of the post popular quiz-like format online and it’s not a surprise. Everyone likes customized products and services, which include a special, individual approach to the customer. Plus – it’s simple and easy to solve. This time, users had to answer just a few questions, like eg. ‘What is your sport discipline?’ Or: ‘In a bank, you value…’.
After finding out your super-type, you had 3 CTA buttons to choose from:

1) Add frame to your profile picture
2) Share your result
3) Learn about SUPER-account

All of them were aimed to make the news about the new account go viral.


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