Sony Claus is coming to town… Define your style and get a new pair of headphones!


Sony stepped out to meet the customers’ needs and connected with Post Sticker to create a smart app that would communicate company’s new line of headphones. App would help in choosing the ones that would fit the customers’ needs best.

Sony wanted the campaign to take place solely on Facebook, so it may also attract spontaneous users. Post Sticker’s smart apps are playable directly on Facebook newsfeed, what makes organizing competitions on large fan pages very effective. The quiz section consisted of four closed questions. The said concerned lifestyle and, so to say, ‘listening habits’.

The results were brief users’ characteristics connected with three colours of h.ear – Sony’s flag headphones: Viridian Blue, Bordeaux Pink and Cinnabar Red. The next step was an open text contest where participants had a chance to say something about their style and individualism. Most interesting answers would actually get users to win the headphones as a Christmas gift!


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