Sony is generating leads in the smartest way possible with a Post Sticker App!


Sony, a multinational corporation decided to use a Post Sticker App in its promotion once again, this time in the form of a quiz. The first five questions had to be answered by choosing one
of four proposed answers, however, giving an incorrect answer gave the participant the opportunity to try again.

The sixth open question was – What is your favorite Sony device and why? All the questions were asked in regard to Sony products, so in order to answer them correctly, one had to know or learn something about them. This is a great example how you can encourage your viewers
to dig more into your company’s offer. They’re eager to do that because they’re encouraged
by the possibility of winning a prize. Moreover, at the end of the quiz, participants had to submit their email as a final step of the competition. This way, the company obtained a valuable
and legit lead. The company can continue with email marketing, and ultimately convert that lead into a customer.


It’s important to generate leads in the smartest way possible in order not to lose time
and money. Companies like Sony know, that interactive content is the key to success.
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