Sony makes an eXperienced move by choosing the Stick&Play game. Catch the Xperia and win!


The name Xperia, a brand of smartphones from Sony, is derived from the word “experience”. Sony, being experienced in marketing efforts, worked with us to design a Stick&Play Catch Them All game.

In the game we created, players had to catch falling doughnuts and Xperia Smartphones
and omit vegetables by all means. After losing five lives they were presented with their score
on a screen of the Xperia XA2. Is there a better way of promoting a product than putting it next
to doughnuts? I doughnut think so, and neither does Sony. The choice of sweets was not
a random one, as the app was posted on Fat Thursday, which is a traditional feasting day
and doughnuts are among the most popular snacks served on that day in Poland.


It’s not easy to be as thoughtful as Sony, but maybe using the Post Sticker Apps
and Stick&Play in your campaign would help you get there? It doesn’t33 hurt to try – find out for yourself and contact us at

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