Sprite takes selfies as a next subject of brand’s refreshing mission!


Post Sticker team has created a broad variety of apps so far, so we had enough opportunities to come to conclusion that creating them in aim to provide joy gives us the biggest fun. When Sprite wrote to us, we knew that it is one such. They proved being aware that as well as beverages match parties, stylish mustaches and bunny’s ears are handy to make party photos special.

Despite simplicity of the app, it enabled Facebook users to upload users’ own photos and enhance them with funny stickers. Balloon with text, thug life glasses, big red lips? There is much more! Adjusting size and zooming photo which you want to expose is also very easy. So fresh, so entertaining!


The app raises completion rate significantly due to integrated ‘share’ button. Remade photo is displayed in form convincing other users to give it a try ourselves. It goes viral and improves a rapport with fans.

Our team strongly suggest to upload dignified photo of your boss wearing suit. But of course, if you ask, we never did it ☺

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