Stay on top of the calendar events and interact smart – St. Valentine’s Day could be one of those days! (Nestlé, BZ WBK)

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Take the advantage of calendar events, no matter if you’re a financial brand or an FMCG representative – it pays back! The key to successful interaction and high brand exposure is to play smart – don’t just simply post all sorts of sweetness all around the Facebook to get recognized, your brand surely won’t get much attention, it’s the domain of people. Imagine an engaging and unique form that will draw everybody’s attention, suck people in voluntarily and bring tangible results, not to mention the multi-digit numbers in statistics panel. Think smart app right in Facebook user’s News Feed, playable, engaging and not to pushy. Now, stay on top of the calendar and think St. Valentine’s Day – love it or hate it, but you should scroll down to see a variety of interactive post we did recently for completely different brands with different needs and target groups.

On Saturday “the love” will cover us from tip to toes, but today is the day brands tease their communities on Facebook with hope to be noticed. Bank Zachodni WBK (banking service) and Nestle Fitness did their homework and today they’re experiencing good deal of traffic though their interactive posts. We’re juxtaposing the two brands on purpose. The first being a financial institution, a bit more innovative but with strict and traditional approach to user engagement, the latter a pure FCMG business, that could go nuts and engage people in the most crazy way they could imagine. Still, a calendar event was worth keeping in mind for both of them, no matter how cliché it seemed. Through our Post Sticker service they have used to create the smart apps they have published, the two businesses have come up with two completely different ways of interacting users.

Let’s start off with Nestlé Fitness. The brand offers a selection of healthy products, so what would be really important for them in terms of interaction? Exposing products in a nice and smooth way. Here’s how they coped with that: Nestle Fitness slide-showed their bars and asked users to pick the one they think their beloved would enjoy. Once chosen, users were asked to justify their choice and possibly win a month-size bar stock! Not to mention the fact that the products were served in a Valentine’s scenery and users were invited, literally, to the Love Bar! 1-2-3 – that’s how simple it was: pick the bar, justify, leave your email and follow the brand on Facebook if you don’t want to miss the winners announcement.


Bank Zachodni WBK, on the other hand, of course interested in promoting their financial services „smuggled” their latest special pre-paid card offer in between a Valentine’s contest. By clicking play on the publication icon in their News Feed, users were asked a short but meaningful question – ‘how would they spent 100 euro on a dream date?’ Why 100 euro? Well, because one of the awards was a pre-paid card with 100 euro cashed in! Clever enough? The main award was an iPad mini and it was supposed to be handed to a person who turned out to be the most reasonable and romantic at the same time. Users were entering their works in their News Feeds, accepting Terms and Conditions and providing their emails to give the minimum amount of personal data to adjust their creative works to them. Finally, as the results were supposed to be published on the bank’s Facebook page people were asked to follow the brand and click-through to the pre-paid offer!


What people expect from the brands they follow or may start doing so? That is the question every social media manager would love to know the answer to. However, if you look closely enough you may get a gist of what people find attractive and worth trying out. In this case, we’re talking smart apps created specifically for the St. Valentine’s Day, but it could as well be any other noticeable event around the globe. Should you have similar ideas or want to come up with an engaging smart app for your brand, drop us a line – we create all those ideas most of the time together with our partners. For now, enjoy your St. Valentine’s Day.

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