Stay sportive, stay young! Health Promotion Board Singapore wants you to stand up and do some exercises with a Smart App.


The bunch of proven benefits coming from doing sport permanently increases as we know more and more about human body. However, the sitting way of working contributes badly to the spread of civilization diseases. How to reverse the trend without reversing the whole life?

Moderate ways seem to be the best when it comes to convincing people to change their habits. We are glad that we had a possibility to help Health Promotion Board in popularizing a set of exercises which can be done by everyone, in every place. This Smart App contains a quiz about the basis of sit-down training, recommended by physiotherapists for people in all age. At the end of the app, users coud learn more about staying healthy with a click through button.


You are as young as you feel and as innovative as your marketing is. If you are interested in hearing more about what we offer, please let us know – Post Sticker creative team is at your full disposal at

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