Support your local pet shelter with Pedigree or Whiskas! Apply, search and vote in Facebook News Feed.


Pedigree and Whiskas joined forces and have come up with a campaign related to local pet shelters. The brands took the correct path and apart from their own landing page they have also asked Facebook community to join the campaign and fight for a good cause. We chipped in with the Smart Apps and implemented two dedicated formats. 

First, the brands asked people to make a list of pet shelters they feel may benefit from such campaign. We have altered our Footprint Smart App so that anybody could submit the pet shelter of their choice without going out of Facebook News Feed. Simply, type in and send.


The response blew our minds and after a week we have prepared a Smart App where people could search through the list of all submitted pet shelters and cast a vote! The whole voting procedure was verified by typing in email addresses, and the top 5 pet shelters with the biggest amount of votes received their food stock! 


Hit us up at if your brand or the brand you’re taking care off is interested in any sort of decent content marketing fired off directly in News Feed. Our team of customer support, developers and graphic designers will make sure your interaction will truly stand out and be one of a kind.

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