#SupportWithHuawei, you can win together with Polish national football team!


As Polish national football team has been playing quite well for the last two years, people get very excited to see every upcoming match. The sporty vibe is visible on every street, flags hang outside the windows and there is no free seat in pubs an hour before the first whistle.
No surprise that Huawei, a sponsor of #TheTeam, came up with the idea to enable people to express their support also in the world of social media.

The Post Sticker Smart App was the most important part of Huawei’s campaign #WallForTheTeam. Users had a possibility to upload their photo, modify it with fan’s gadgets and invite their friends to do the same. Given group of supporters formed a wall and its multiplicity determined who got a prize from the provided pool: a smartphone, the national football team jersey or one of ten sports watches.


Brand promotion through organizing a contest that emphasizes its cooperation with the most popular sports team in the country is a true marketing bomb, but the right format is needed
to keep fans engaged. If you are curious how we can support your marketing campaign, simply ask us at contact@poststicker.com.

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