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Let’s ask people to come up with a new Crunchips taste! Just kidding… let’s finish the joke then, in News Feed.

Crunchips bets on partying lately and one of the proven party planks are jokes. We wanted to meet the brand’s guideline and have come up with the Smart Ad that allowed their Facebook community to have some good laught at. We have branded one of our default Smart Ads, namely…

Jeep and Fiat take all! Forget the well-worn Facebook post for any special occasion, their Smart Ads surprise.


What’s on today? Eh… it’s Spaghetti day, let’s post something related to this marvellous occasion if the New Year is over. Hold on… We’re all somehow fed up with these well-worn Facebook posts celebrating any special occasion out there. Brands got bored too! That’s why we were really happy to…

Braided or Curly? Party-goer or a nature lover? Babyliss has introduced a new product with a series of Smart Ads among their FB fans, outside social network within editorials and on beauty-related sites!

Here at Post Sticker’s office we like to call the interactions we offer Smart Apps! The story behind it is very simple yet meaningful, business and marketing-wise. How to explain to our partners what we do? How to call all those interactions that we provide. The answer is pretty simple…

Johnnie Walker asks about their fans shopping preferences to apply to their tastes even better with News Feed survey!

Ever wanted to find out what your fans’ shopping habits are? Well, that’s pretty obvious especially when we’re talking e-commmerce business, but for a brand it may also be of great importance. Getting to know your customers and their habits is crucial. Johnnie Walker knows and has decided to survey…

Creativity call for all KFC fans! Design a character, all Maxi Twist ingredients are at your disposal!


We do dedicated Smart Apps from time to time. It’s a great opportunity both for keeping our designers busy and to challenge the development team. Everybody’s happy, none’s getting bored. We like challenges especially when it comes to News Feed interaction, thus it takes up to 99% of our time….

Fly, drive or ride – 3 brands and their SuperHero branded games in News Feed

Another of our customizable game engines has been remade by three different brands. The Superhero scheme offered by Stick and Play had it 5 minutes and that’s something we would like to present you with. This time it’s HIT, cookie company, and surprise surprise, insurance companies; Link4 and Europ Assistance….