Takeaway.com is fighting our New Year’s resolutions and joins forces with Post Sticker to make you hungry!


Time to eat donuts like there is no tomorrow. Sounds like a joke, or the perfect plan?
You decide. Takeaway.com prepared hundreds of combinations of what food you could consume and in what manner it should be done.

The outcome will sometimes make you laugh and will always make you drool, which was exactly the goal. You have an option to share your phrase on social media to let others try it on their own. After having imagined your dish you might have an immediate need to eat something – here is when the “order now” button takes action. The app works as a great incentive to use
the platform’s service, while being pleasant and funny to its recipients. It actively engages
the customers, which creates brand affinity. In the long run, good relationships with customers is what brings returns.


If you want to benefit in both the long and short run with just one marketing action, we’ve just given you an example that Post Sticker apps can do that for you. Feel free to contact us at contact@poststicker.com.

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