Tarczyn encourages to learn more about Poland, as it’s one of the country’s precious assets!


When it comes to export, every country has some product that is found special around
the world. German cars, Italian suits or Brazilian coffee are the guarantees of high quality. However, some products are rarely labeled, so the general awareness of their special origin is weak. For example, Poland is the number one within European Union in export of apples, cherries and strawberries. They are appreciated due to preserving severe ecological standards and the fruit’s unique taste. The sign ‘made in Poland’ hasn’t become precious marketing symbol yet, but these ones who bet on it could gain a strong position in the emerging market.

Tarczyn, a Polish juice producer, runs a marketing campaign concerning its Polish origin.
The brand focuses on emphasizing the good source of fruit and fresh taste resulting from its naturalness. On that occasion, company’s marketers turned to us for a Post Sticker app that could contribute to the action and make juice fans more active. We prepared a quiz verifying knowledge about characteristic places in Poland. When it’s over, the participants can answer the contest question, proposing a Polish interesting tourist attraction that’s not commonly known but worth of visiting. The pool of ten awards encourages followers to take part and many of them got interested in campaign’s topic, so their bond with Tarczyn strenghtens!


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