Taste the feeling of football emotions! Coca-Cola and Post Sticker bet the results of EURO 2016 matches in News Feed!


Great championships always trigger great deal of excitement. To celebrate Euro 2016, we have developed an app that lets Facebook users vote for the result of a match. Also, along with it, our new way of ‘controlling’ the app was introduced. The mechanism bases on hashtags in the comment section. Let’s take the final game for example. In order to vote, people would comment #Fra or #Por. The Smart App counted votes after every comment and displayed percentage results and the Facebook name of the last voter. Of course, if a #draw was a possible option, like it is during the group stage, the option was included. With Coca-Cola, we’ve produced these apps for group stage and quarters. Result was quite surprising (or not?) – apps engaged lots of people, since it required only a comment to show support and engagement in the big games. Of course, the hashtag mechanism can be used in many other app schemes and scenarios, according to the needs.

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