The path of becoming a prestigious brand’s ambassador through a Smart App has been established. Stock Sparkling made a good use of it…


To reserve some Social Media coverage and promotion of a special product – Stock Sparkling, the company launched a search for brand’s ambassadors. Selecting the right people on News Feed seems a reasonable thing to do! It’s hard to imagine a place, both on and offline, that gathers more people every day – the results will surely be satisfying and the response grand.

The discussed custom Smart App included a number of cool features. Starting from Smooth sliding controls to indicate the number of Facebook friends, through a stripe indicating the progress of the app, to the possibility of uploading a photo and detailed data collection. Candidates needed to be energetic and up-to-date with latest trends, so the app collected links to their blogs, instagram profiles and snapchat accounts. Everything in the App that functions inside a single Facebook post. That’s how powerful the Post Sticker’s Smart Apps can be!

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No matter what your goal concerning Facebook community is, we can assure you that Smart Apps are the right tool to achieve it. Write at

Flow_Stock Sparkling

CLICK HERE to see how the app worked live on Facebook!

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