There is no coincidence when BFGoodrich steps in – not only in The Paris-Dakar case!


What is the difference between two random guys who played basketball with Michael Jordan for a while, but only the second one was a basketball fan, truly aware of who his opponent really is? The first one had a joy of playing with somebody who barely misses a shot and knows all
the tricks, but the second guy probably made one of his biggest dreams come true.

BFGoodrich provided an opportunity to win two seats in a Dakar specked vehicle for a ride
as the navigator. However, they know how much it matters to true fans of extreme rallies,
so they decided to include a short quiz which examines users’ knowledge in this area
in the Post Sticker Smart App. Only these who scored enough to prove that they follow
rallies were enabled to answer contest question and take part in the prize draw.


Post Sticker apps are fully adjustable, so the formats that you might see at the home page can be linked or hybridized on request. If you have some ideas on how to use Smart Apps in your marketing campaign or count on our creativity – turn to us at

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