They say there are two types of people… HBO’s assigns them into Batman or Superman teams!


Even if you are respectable adult, you have to admit: superheroes duels make you feel like a kid for a while. HBO knows that very well, so they’ve decided to ask us for creating a dueling app. We agreed that quiz is the best form – people tend to identify themselves with some characters and the difference between Batman and Superman makes it possible to answer whose life approach is more similar to user’s one.

The app displays in the News Feed like a video, and it requires only a single tap to be activated. Such form of app attracts users to give it a try and creative form encourages them to react and comment. In combination with boosting the post and targeting it the right way, the effects are brilliant.


It doesn’t require a lot of marketing greatness to convince people to watch Batman vs. Superman, but it’s more and more difficult to reach decent completion rate without any interactive tool. If you are interested or simply want to know more about Post Sticker’s Smart Apps, just write us on:

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