Through Post Sticker’s smart app, one lucky Oreo lover may win a trip to The Big App-le!


Our app appeared on Oreo’s fans’ News Feeds to announce a new fun competition with a real deal as a prize. The scheme based on YouTube quiz with a click through goal. All of Post Sticker Scenarios include a possibility of using YT clips and combine them with quizzes, polls or countdowns. Instead of placing the video in a Post, make it a part of an app, adorn it with a quiz and a click through to any other page – there are better chances that a visitor will click on a suggested button instead of a link in the post’s text.

Participants were asked one question concerning the YT clip. From the film in the app, you could say the Big Apple has transformed into a Big Cookie! Probably people wouldn’t mind. Facebook app leaded to a landing page where the competition continued. Smart Apps are quite effective in catching peoples’ attention on News Feed and stimulating the stream of visitors according to brands’ expectations.

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