Tic Tac goes in cycles with their Trivia quiz contest smart app

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Did you know, or have you seen it, and any other interactions of that sort are the well-known, trusted and highly engaging way of getting into interaction with your fans on Facebook. What if we could tell you that it would turn out even better when you treat your audience with such thing but without imposing special requirements on them to grant permissions to give access to their personal data or even leave their News Feed – booyah! That’s what Tic Tac liked most about Post Sticker service.

The brand like it so much they have decided to go cycles and invite their fans to a great content-based interaction every week for the coming 5 weeks. And, we’re talking winners every week with the grande finale on week 5! Straightforward and interesting question, no extra or hidden requirements and a simple “leave yuour e-mail with us” sign up form at the very end of the Trivia app format.


We have tried hard to make the app as transparent as possible, and in turn we have gone so far that the brand let us prepare the whole concept, design the graphics, winners list on a separate page tab and monitor the whole activity in real time. All inclusive – we’re ready to take care of that as well.

Should you be interested in running your brand’s news feed activities regularly just hit as at contact@stickandplay.com we have special rates for going in cycles. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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