Tipo Logics in Facebook News Feed – Fiat teases and awards the most dedicated brand’s fans!


We’re not sure if you’re old enough to remember the good old Tipos cruising down the roads but if you do then you’ll surely admire the new version, like we did. The memories we shared during our brainstorming on the new FIAT interactive post have actually made us do the app the way it was published. Imagine if social media was present back in the days when people were so much into their new cars. Together with FIAT we have decided to make it possible. We have decided to call all Tipo fans, remind them the times when they’re so proud to drive one and let them share their memories today!

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In return for their #backintheday photo with their beloved Tipo and some personal story behind it, uploaded via the interactive app we have prepared, Fiat awarded the top contestants with some gadgets and the best one with a 2-weeks test drive with their new Tipo model. The interaction targeted at FIAT fans, displayed and fired off in Facebook News Feed has met with a very warm welcome. In addition to the app itself, we have prepared a Page Tab with the Tipo gallery. Once the photo was uploaded via the app and went through pre-moderation, it landed straight in the Tipo gallery. We felt touched really – viewing all those pictures of people with their beloved cars. Such a lot for such little, clearly Tipo Logics!