To put into thought the importance of planning future, Prudential’s Smart app pictures how 1/3 of the salary can change one’s life


What choices await you on your retirement? Well, to encourage people to think about their future, and start saving, Prudential and created an app full of financial choices. To visualize the grim reality of standard retirement plans, users were asked to choose 1 out of 3 options. It represented the fact that with standard retirement plans, most people can count on 1/3 of their today’s salaries. As most of Post Sticker’s Smart Apps, its work field was the Facebook’s News Feed. The final screen of the app provided both click through and share buttons. The first one directed users to a special page where they could sign in for a consultation with a saving specialist. Using GIFs within the app was a nice touch – the final screen revised all of the previous ones with it.

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