TVN 7 cares about its viewers’ even when the episodes are over!


What is the reason for series’ popularity? The most popular opinion is that they can take our minds off of things. In one moment, you can feel like a president of the United States, a scientist, business shark or anybody else, as that’s hard to find a topic that hasn’t been adopted on screen yet. To make the feeling more realistic, producers and publishers run marketing campaigns that build a proper ambience beyond the series too.

TVN 7, a popular Polish TV channel, turned to us for an app that could promote its two new productions. Both series concern relationships and infidelity, so the app’s topic seems to be obvious. The Post Sticker quiz examines worrisome signs of betrayal, asking about partner’s calls, his/her activities on Social Media etc. Of course, users can take the quiz anonymously
and we don’t advise to take the app’s outcome very seriously – it’s rather a curiosity, which enriches the marketing campaign than a true tester.


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