Valle’s tasty test, ‘Sweet or Savoury?’. It makes a great Post Sticker story!


Food is life, food is love, especially in Italy! Who wouldn’t solve a personality test about tasty and colourful Mediterranean food? The test consisted of general, lifestyle and taste preferences questions. Six questions, three possible results – ‘sweet’, ‘savoury’ and ‘both equally’. What’s worth noticing, the test took place on a website – as a functional part of a contest. Most of Post sticker’s smart apps appear on Facebook’s News Feed. This time, though, the iframe code that comes with every app has proven its usefulness! The app was used as an interactive contest mechanism. Valle’ as a brand has performed a sponsored contest on – a women’s portal. Since all Smart apps can be branded according to the needs, they can be put into some good use as a ‘competition block’ or a ‘quiz module’ – quite everything that you need.

Do you want to perform a tasty and interactive media promotion? Describe us your goals at, and we will work on it together!

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