Volkswagen’s announced its Legend Offer and reached out to entrepreneurs on Facebook

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The best thing of being a part of Post Sticker team is the feeling you get when once serviced brands come back for more, come up with their own ideas or simply rely on our creative dept. and trust enough to come up with a News Feed interaction good enough to support their main campaign line. Sounds shabby but we truly enjoy those little moments. This time the loud hurrah goes to Volkswagen, twice in a row. Their creative team got really great feedback from users once when used Post Sticker interaction and wanted more of it. More in terms of not only the number of engaging Smart Apps, but also in terms of their benefits, like leads; users’ data, their full names and phone numbers, totally legit.

We have come up together with an interaction that was strictly targeted at entrepreneurs – the Legend Edition offer. The Facebook post, fired off solely in News Feed was a sleek coming out for an interesting variety of Utility Cars and their leasing propositions. Entrepreneurs like it simple, thus we have come up with a mix of Slideshow and Footprint Smart App engines that would not only present what’s the most important but also allow for the interested parties to leave their data in order to be contacted by Volkswagen consultants. It wasn’t just the offer that was unique but also the way it was introduced, like never before. If you tease it, you’d better go big time.


The slideshow Smart App engine is already available in the Post Sticker creator, we’re working hard right now to deliver the Footprint scenario too. Stay tuned!

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