Vote for your favourite Galbani recipe and share your own to win the contest!


Cooks, comrades in kitchen knives, food enthusiasts, lend us your ears! Pasta with Gorgonzola Intenso, Tiramisu with Mascarpone or Winter salad with Mozzarella are just a few recipes, which probably stimulate your taste buds just by thinking of them. Those, and many other recipes were shared by Galbani on their fanpage, to inspire people to prepare the most incredible dishes for the Christmas table. To increase the reach of those formulas, Galbani decided to organize a contest with kitchen-related prizes.

Social media marketing becomes more and more popular among all businesses and this time our app supported a representative of the food industry. Participants voted for their favorite winter recipe from Galbani, and then had to invent one of their own – how to happily spend Christmas. No cheesy lines allowed! Winners received a recipe book and a cutting board
to encourage further cooking experiences.


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