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Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards has been aired since 1988, which means that next-years gala will be the 30th anniversary of Oscars for kids. The division from India decided it deserves
a celebration and asked us to help them gather as many votes, as possible. Being a part of such activation was definitely our moment of praise.

With 13 categories eligible for the vote, our partners asked us to create 3 separate apps
with sets of 5 or 3 questions. Each question was related to different category, such as „Best Movie Actor”, „Best Bollywood Movie” or „Best Dancing Star” and allowed users to vote for one out of 5 possibilities in each of the categories. To make your vote count, each voter was asked to leave a lot of personal information that would help the brand identify the voters. Thanks
to our activation, Nickelodeon found out such information as age, name or e-mail address
of each voter.


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